Education – New College Campus

“As a Community College Trustee and administrator at Fresno Unifi­ed, we have increased graduation and college-going rates to record levels. As your councilmember I will ensure the City of Fresno keeps its word to partner with Fresno City College to open the new West Fresno community college campus near Gaston Middle School, creating an education corridor that provides job training programs for generations to come.”

Economy – More Local Jobs

“A vibrant city requires a strong economy and there is much more we can do to create jobs locally. As a councilmember I will work to ensure high- speed rail jobs remain local, make downtown a vibrant business hub through private investment, cut red tape at city hall, and support small businesses that serve our neighborhoods.”

Public Safety – Safe Neighborhoods

“Every family deserves to feel safe in their home and our children deserve to walk to school and play in our parks free of fear. As a college trustee, we successfully expanded ­first responders’ academies and secured $80 Million for a modern training facility to serve our region. It will be my top priority to ensure our police officers and fi­re­fighters get the dedicated resources they need to provide all our neighborhoods the safety we deserve.”

Neighborhood – Live, Work, Play

“In order to achieve neighborhoods in which we can live, work, and play, we must fi­rst provide the infrastructure needed including; street lights, properly trimmed trees, sidewalks, roads, and needed drainage. This includes reinvesting in Tower District neighborhoods and installing long-needed infrastructure in neglected neighborhoods West of 99.“

-Miguel Arias