In the pursuit of the American Dream, my family overcame poverty, drugs, and unemployment. However, we did not achieve it alone. Our community provided us with three core values: a safe community, a belief in education and a strong work ethic, which allowed us to earn an honest living with dignity. These core community values hold true today. We all deserve safe neighborhoods, a quality education for our children, and a vibrant economy to create jobs. For the last decade, I have been fortunate to collaborate with residents, public institutions, and business leaders to improve our community by:

Improved Public Safety

  • Expanded Fresno City College police and fire academy, graduating  223 cadets and training 4,233 public safety officers annually
  • Funded a $50 Million First Responder College Center in Southeast Fresno
  • Added Fresno Police O­fficers to Fresno City College
  • Added Police Offi­cers at all Secondary Fresno Unified Schools
  • Added new brighter lighting to schools and college campuses
  • Opened educational green space and pools to the public

Increased Education Access and Success

  • Opened College courses at Edison and Sunnyside High Schools
  • Funded $87 Million West Fresno Community College Center
  • Funded $50 Million Fire and Police Academy Training Facility
  • Funded $50 Million parking solution for Fresno City College
  • Funded $70 Million Math and Science Building for Fresno City College
  • Secured more than $1 Billion to improve our educational facilities
  • Record High School and College Graduation Rates
  • Opened Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School

Increased Workforce Training and Jobs

  • Newly funded Heavy Truck Maintenance Facility
  • Expanded Apprenticeship programs
  • Awarded 90% of construction contracts to local companies
  • Created thousands of jobs by hiring local
  • Founded the Westside Institute of Technology

I will always put people before politics and will work hard every day to make this city that we love a little better. Together we will build a vibrant, safe, and thriving neighborhoods through innovation and neighborhood collaboration.

Please feel free to call me on my personal cell phone (559) 906-1443, or email me at Miguel.Arias4Council@gmail.com”

-Miguel Arias


Paid for by Miguel Arias for Fresno City Council 2018 FPPC# 1402529