In the pursuit of the American Dream, my family overcame poverty, drugs, and unemployment. However, we did not achieve it alone. Our community provided us with three core values: a safe community, a belief in education and a strong work ethic, which allowed us to earn an honest living with dignity. These core community values hold true today. We all deserve safe neighborhoods, quality education for our children, and a vibrant economy to create jobs. For the last decade, I have been fortunate to collaborate with residents, public institutions, and business leaders to improve our community by:

Improved Public Safety

  • Expanded Fresno City College police and fire academy, graduating  223 cadets and training 4,233 public safety officers annually
  • Funded a $50 Million First Responder College Center in Southeast Fresno
  • Added Fresno Police O­fficers to Fresno City College
  • Added Police Offi­cers at all Secondary Fresno Unified Schools
  • Added new brighter lighting to schools and college campuses
  • Opened educational green space and pools to the public

Increased Education Access and Success

  • Opened College courses at Edison and Sunnyside High Schools
  • Funded $87 Million West Fresno Community College Center
  • Funded $50 Million Fire and Police Academy Training Facility
  • Funded $50 Million parking solution for Fresno City College
  • Funded $70 Million Math and Science Building for Fresno City College
  • Secured more than $1 Billion to improve our educational facilities
  • Record High School and College Graduation Rates
  • Opened Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School

Increased Workforce Training and Jobs

  • Newly funded Heavy Truck Maintenance Facility
  • Expanded Apprenticeship programs
  • Awarded 90% of construction contracts to local companies
  • Created thousands of jobs by hiring local
  • Founded the Westside Institute of Technology

I will always put people before politics and will work hard every day to make this city that we love a little better. Together we will build a vibrant, safe, and thriving neighborhoods through innovation and neighborhood collaboration.

Please feel free to call me on my personal cell phone (559) 906-1443, or email me at Miguel.Arias4Council@gmail.com”

-Miguel Arias


Paid for by Miguel Arias for Fresno City Council 2018 FPPC# 1402529